Dr. Kafeel Khan Expresses Gratitude to Shah Rukh Khan for “Jawan” Movie


Dr. Kafeel Khan, the pediatrician who was at the center of the tragic Gorakhpur Encephalitis incident in 2017, has penned a heartfelt letter to Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, expressing his deep appreciation for the film “Jawan.” In the letter, Dr. Khan drew parallels between the movie’s narrative and the real-life tragedy that unfolded in Gorakhpur.

While “Jawan” is a work of fiction and does not explicitly mention the Gorakhpur Encephalitis case, many have noted the striking similarities between the film’s storyline and the heartbreaking incident that shook the nation.

In his letter addressed to Shah Rukh Khan, Dr. Kafeel Khan commended the actor for his commitment to using cinema as a medium to address critical socio-political issues. He expressed his profound gratitude for Shah Rukh Khan’s decision to bring the Gorakhpur tragedy to the screen.

Dr. Khan, who had a personal connection to the incident and its aftermath, described the film as profoundly moving. He highlighted the character of Dr. Eeram Khan, portrayed by Sanya Malhotra in the movie, as resonating with his own experiences during the tragedy.

While “Jawan” offers a fictional portrayal of justice, Dr. Kafeel Khan pointed out the stark disparity between the film’s resolution and the real-world situation. In reality, the individuals responsible for the Gorakhpur Hospital Tragedy have yet to face consequences, and Dr. Khan continues to fight for justice and to regain his job.

Dr. Kafeel Khan has authored a book titled “The Gorakhpur Hospital Tragedy,” providing a detailed account of the tragic events. He noted that certain aspects of the film align with the events detailed in his book.

Expressing his gratitude once again, Dr. Khan expressed a desire to meet Shah Rukh Khan, director Atlee Kumar, and the entire crew of “Jawan” in person. He affirmed his unwavering dedication to serving the people of India despite the challenges he has faced.

The Gorakhpur Encephalitis incident remains a heartbreaking chapter in India’s healthcare history. Dr. Kafeel Khan’s letter to Shah Rukh Khan highlights the power of cinema to shed light on important societal issues and inspire change.

As the letter resonates with many who were directly impacted by the Gorakhpur tragedy, it serves as a reminder of the need for justice and accountability in such critical matters.

Dr. Kafeel Khan’s willingness to speak out and express his gratitude to Shah Rukh Khan underscores the importance of raising awareness about social issues through the medium of film.

The tragic incident in Gorakhpur led to the loss of innocent lives, and the quest for justice continues as individuals like Dr. Kafeel Khan remain committed to seeking answers and accountability for the sake of those affected by the tragedy.

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