BJP MP Maneka Gandhi Calls for Arrest of YouTuber Elvish Yadav Over Alleged Involvement in Snake Poisoning


Noida, Uttar Pradesh: In the wake of allegations against YouTuber Elvish Yadav regarding his alleged involvement in snake poison distribution during a rave party in Noida’s Sector 49, BJP Member of Parliament Maneka Gandhi has called for his arrest. Elvish Yadav, who has recently made headlines for his social media antics, now finds himself in a legal predicament as a case has been registered against him and six others in Noida’s Sector 49 police station.

The case against Elvish Yadav and his associates pertains to their alleged involvement in providing snake poison to revelers during rave parties. Notably, Elvish Yadav is a Bigg Boss winner and a prominent social media influencer. He and his group have been accused of organizing rave parties where attendees had access to snake poison and were reportedly using it.

Maneka Gandhi, the founder of the People for Animals (PFA) organization, has demanded the immediate arrest of Elvish Yadav. She stated that the allegations against him constitute a Grade-1 offense, which carries a minimum prison term of seven years. PFA acted swiftly to set up a trap, leading to the apprehension of the individuals involved.

In response to these allegations, Elvish Yadav took to Twitter to defend himself. He shared videos addressing the accusations made against him, saying, “I am astonished that individuals holding responsible positions are making these claims. Madam, please be prepared to offer an apology according to the accusations you’ve made.” This tweet was accompanied by videos that aimed to clarify the situation.

Maneka Gandhi had previously accused Elvish Yadav of using endangered species in his videos and claimed that he was selling snake poison in Noida and Gurugram.

This recent case against Elvish Yadav, which includes charges under Section 120-B of the Indian Penal Code and sections 9, 39, 48E, 49, 50, and 51 of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, has led to the arrest of gang members Rahul, Titunath, Jaykaran, Narayan, and Ravinand. The situation has garnered significant attention, sparking debates over social media, celebrity influence, and the use of wildlife in entertainment.

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