Revolutionary Animation Tech and Realism Surge in GTA 6: What We Know So Far


The anticipation for Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA VI) has reached a fever pitch among fans eagerly awaiting any official updates from Rockstar Games, the game’s developer. Despite the abundance of rumors surrounding the highly anticipated game, Rockstar has provided little information since acknowledging GTA VI’s development in 2022.

The wait has become so prolonged that fans have humorously expressed concerns about the possibility of the game launching posthumously. Even recent speculations about the release of GTA VI’s first trailer by the end of October 2023 seem unlikely as the month’s end approaches with no such announcement.

The burning question on the minds of GTA fans remains: “When will Grand Theft Auto VI be released?” Regrettably, no one outside Rockstar Games or its parent company, Take-Two Interactive, holds the answer. The latest tidbit of information, however, has taken many fans by surprise, shedding light on a potential leap in realism for the game.

This intriguing tidbit came from Reddit user Tobbelobben30, who claims to have unearthed a patent related to in-game character animations in GTA VI. The patent was linked to Tobias Kleanthous, a former Rockstar Games employee who specialized in AI, animation, and gameplay between 2014 and 2021.

According to Tobbelobben30, the patent hints at a revolutionary animation system. Rockstar appears to have created a library of modular character animations that can be combined in various ways to produce a wide array of movements. This approach allows for character animations to adapt naturally to different in-game situations, whether it’s walking in the rain, showing fatigue, or reacting to injuries. In essence, it promises to make the game’s animations diverse and lifelike, enhancing immersion and realism.

Tobbelobben30 also noted that the leaked details suggest that the movement and animations in GTA VI could be truly groundbreaking, despite the game not being finalized. This innovation extends to non-playable characters (NPCs) as well, with the potential for improved vehicle destruction in the game.

It’s crucial to note that these rumors are still unverified and should be taken with a grain of skepticism until confirmed. As of now, GTA VI has no official release date, but it is anticipated to launch on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S sometime between 2024 and 2025.

Recent reports also suggest that Take-Two Interactive, GTA VI’s parent company, has patented a locomotion technology aimed at introducing “highly dynamic and realistic animations” into the game. An update from Reddit user Tobbelobben30, who claims to have access to the patent, revealed that Tobias Kleanthous, mentioned in GTA VI leaks, was responsible for this technology during his time at Rockstar.

The patent, titled “System and Method for Virtual Character Locomotion,” aims to improve the core technology of animated locomotion control. It entails the creation of a library of modular character movement blocks that can be combined in various ways to generate a wide range of animations. This means that character movements will adapt naturally to different in-game conditions, such as weather, energy levels, and injuries.

In addition to these technical advancements, another report from dataminer LegacyKillaHD on Reddit suggests that developers are not expecting a 2024 release for GTA VI and may even be reluctant to provide a detailed reveal trailer due to the added pressure it could create. The game’s development is still ongoing, and the timeline for its release remains uncertain.

With rumors swirling and expectations high, fans continue to eagerly await official updates from Rockstar Games about the highly anticipated GTA VI. The gaming world will undoubtedly be buzzing with excitement when that day finally arrives.

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